Our Mission

Bridge to Life Ministries Inc. is a global non-profit enterprise working to encourage optimal health, particularly in underserved communities. We believe that optimal health is not merely the absence of disease, but a proactive lifestyle in which medical, psychological, social, educational and spiritual factors are harmoniously harnessed for the development of the total man.

Their Needs, Our Responses

  • 90% of children’s deaths, occur in medically underserved communities. Our response is to support these areas with access to educational materials.
  • Studies show that when new medicines and other health technologies are made available, healthier behaviors increase. As available we help to meet these needs will supplies.
  • Cardiovascular disease remains the number one cause of death worldwide. We facilitate screenings and recognition of risk.
  • Obesity, Respiratory diseases, Diabetes and Cancer are predicted to increase to 75% of the health burden in developing countries by 2020. We present preventive measures to help alter this trajectory.
  • Level of physical activity, nutrition, and obesity are among the leading health indicators. We provide sound information of how to improve these indicators to help improve individual and community wellness.
  • Health literacy is a major determinant of health. We seek to improve health literacy in at-risk communities.
  • More attention is needed in building healthier tomorrows for underserved populations. This remains our primary mission and we expect it to be our legacy.