Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bridge to Life Ministries Inc. decide where to go next?

There is generally a request made by a medical director or other person of influence who has heard of our work, or seen us in action.

How is professional staff recruited?

Interested medical clinicians and educators are welcome to join our team. Please contact us.

What is the timeframe for serving?

Volunteers are selected according to their areas of expertise, for single lectures, weekend seminars, 2-3 week-long service trips in foreign countries, or for our Health Lecture Series.

What makes Bridge to Life effective?

The level of professional care rendered; the expertise of our staff; continued maintenance of our high standards; love and respect for all patients; willingness to go the extra mile for service delivery; and God’s guidance.

What obstacles do you face as a team?

Mainly natural disasters. Summer projects are sometimes disrupted by hurricanes, and the work is either canceled or made more difficult to administer needed care.

How can I help?

  • Volunteer your time and funds to Bridge To Life Ministries.
  • Let others know of your experiences with us.
  • Invite and encourage other professionals to join with us.