Selwyn Carrington

Selwyn Carrington MD is a retired physician with current interest in health disparities in underserved communities. His primary focus is on improving health literacy in these communities.

When asked why Bridge To Life Ministries? Why Now? Dr. Carrington responded “As a physician serving a multi-cultural population in private practice, I have come to believe that the health challenges many people experience today, is largely a function of deficient education. This lack of education leads to poor compliance, lack of self esteem, and disastrous outcomes. The powerfully seductive cultural philosophies and life styles of our time also cause great life stressors, further compromising the health of families. The legacy of good vibrant health is therefore seriously threatened in communities today, and for generations to come. In an effort to combat these ills in the culture, Bridge to Life Ministries, a team of qualified health professionals, has been assembled.”

Bridge To Life Ministries, Inc has been officially registered in the State of Florida as a Non Profit organization with the sole purpose of providing health education nationally and internationally. The organization is committed to providing a holistic approach to healthcare for needy persons through preventative medical, psychosocial, and spiritual educational services. The team is driven by a Christlike compassion for all people and a decided purpose to serve and address their needs. So far, visits to multiple countries: Jamaica, St. Kitts, Dominica, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Guyana, and Grenada, have been completed. We have also sponsored programs in the United States of America. The services provided range from medical and psychological care, to family and spiritual counseling, to contributing to social services needs.

We are always in need of volunteer support staff and would deeply appreciate your service. Simply download our volunteer staff registration form and return it to us at your earliest convenience. Also your financial contributions would help greatly in sponsoring deeply needed services in the under-served communities we assist.

Bridge to Life Ministries Inc. is here for you. To get started, simply contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule an activity ( health emphasis day or weekend, health fair, health seminars, or any of the numerous activities we sponsor) to benefit your community. Learn about, practice, and enjoy optimal health now.