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The New World Order In Bible Prophecy

The Mark of the Beast Versus the Seal of God. Revelation chapters 13 and 14 reveals two opposing systems of worship: (a) worship of the two beast powers (Rev. 13: 11-18) and (b) worship of the Creator God…

The Father’s Love

Scripture Luke 15:11-32 Theme: The Fathers love must be reflected in the life of His children Stretching along the Judean hillsides for miles and miles were many communities of farm owners who were the bread basket of the…

Letter To The Nation: Sunday Sacredness

The issue of Sunday sacredness keeps popping up like a recurring decimal – only this time there are disturbing undercurrents of a possible agenda to introduce this day as “the” National Day of Worship. Such a move would…

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Diabetes Overview

Diabetes Mellitus is a disorder of glucose dysregulation leading to elevated blood glucose levels. This defect occurs as a result of impaired insulin production and effect. Commonly called “sugar” or “sugar diabetes”, this disorder has become increasingly prevalent…